The name’s Woods…Ambassador Woods

The name’s Woods…Ambassador Woods

October 12, 2013 Thought for the Day 1

Our Ambassadors scheme is quite a new thing.  We have recently recruited 8 of our previous team members to join us as Chennai Challenge Ambassadors.  You may have read Rachel Winnington’s blog a few weeks ago about her involvement in the scheme and her meeting with Cathy to plan what stuff she’s going to get involved with.

Well I have been meeting with Tamsin Woods over the last couple of months to talk about what she wants to do, so I wanted to fill you in on some of her involvement so far.  So far we have met up in a Costa coffee and an Ice Cream parlour.  Certainly the ice cream menue was about the same size as that of one of our favourite restaurants in Chennai (Raj Bhavan), so I think next time we meet we’re going to be trying to find a decent Dosai in or near Kingston.  Any suggestions welcome!

tamsinSo I have really enjoyed meeting with Special Ambassador Woods and talking about what she wants to do and how she wants to get involved.  We ask everyone to give 2 talks about Chennai Challenge, to raise a sum of money and to recruit someone to apply for a future project.  Apart from this, Tamsin has expressed an interest in coming to India again – and potentially being a Project Leader in the future.  This is massively exciting for us.  Especially as Tamsin came with us on our first project back in 2007.  She was the tender age of 17 at this point, so we’ve been privileged to see her developing into a mature, passionate and driven young woman intent on making a difference.  And Tamsin is just one example of the people that we have had the pleasure of working with on Chennai Challenge.

As an avid follower of Chennai Challenge here and on twitter/facebook (and real life obviously) YOU will have noticed that Tamsin is also working to increase the number of likes our page on Facebook has.  If you haven’t, and you haven’t liked our page yet – please do so!  The link to the group is here.  If you’ve got any ideas for interesting content – a story/picture/video/thought related to Chennai Challenge – then let her know too!

It’s a great to be able to hand some of this stuff over to our Ambassadors – and Tamsin will soon be writing a blog about why she became an Ambassador for Chennai Challenge too, so keep an eye out for that.  It really means that the project leaders have more opportunity to focus on stuff like planning next year’s project, creating the procedures to make things run that little bit smoother, and fundraising to help us reach the goals we are setting ourselves.  If you fancy helping us out as an Ambassador, then get in touch by completing this form.  We’ll contact you to organise a meeting with one of our project leaders.

Thanks for continuing to support us – it means a lot.  And thank you to all our Ambassadors for Getting Involved!

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