Just before we go

Just before we go

July 30, 2012 Pre India 0

Hi everyone,

 Well here it goes, I am attempting to write my second blog, I apologise I haven’t blogged more regularly as work has been hectic (and I am not very good at this sort of thing). I have kept meaning to blog this week but it has been hectic too, visiting family and getting everything ready for India. It is finally here, it has come round sooo quick and I still can’t believe we’re going in the morning!! 

I have just settled down ready to go to bed and I can’t sleep (mainly due to excitement with a mix of nerves too)!! I therefore thought, this would be the perfect time to blog. I was just lying in bed thinking about what I have already challenged myself to do in the events leading up to the challenge, mainly the 80ft abseil down a railway bridge (where the man stated, “You would be good on a sewing machine”,  because I was shaking that much and my leg was uncontrollable. This is one fear I have conquered already)! But I can proudly say, I did it! Not only once, but in fact twice 🙂 After all the hard work (but I have to say, fun, enjoyable and life changing hard work, fundraising for this amazing experience,  the experience has arrived, in less than 24 hours we will be on that plane to Chennai)!

 I really can’t believe we all go tomorrow, it doesn’t seem real! I have never done anything like this in my life, however, I am thoroughly excited about all the experiences that are to come in the next few weeks and all the difference we are going to make to children’s/people’s lives in India. I am also excited about the new friends I will make in India and on the Chennai Challenge 2012 Team.


 See you all tomorrow.



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