Hannah in May

Hannah in May

May 8, 2012 Pre India 0

I really enjoyed last weekend, despite the usual (for me) injuries, feeling bad for waking everyone up at around 2.30am, not getting enough sleep and having back ache ever since! But it was pretty good to meet my awesome Yellagiri partner, Ashleigh, who is just amazing at everything as well as being a really nice person! I also loved all of the delicious curries Cathy made for us, I don’t usually like curry particularly but these ones were gorgeous so thank you very much! I’m already missing my friends at breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some beautifully childlike behaviour from Isaac and Rob and amazing reactions to everything from Amy!

I went shopping yesterday to buy clothes and shoes for India but it did feel slightly odd buying sandals when it was raining outside! I’m so excited now-it finally feels real and I can’t wait although I do have quite a lot to do within the next 12 weeks before we fly out! Including stupid things like exams but also good things like Duke of Edinburgh walks and Church Balls to go to!! Fortunately, I do not have any fundraising left to do that is vital as I’m already over my target! 😀 I’m also liking the fact that people are just giving me money, one person today gave me £40 just because I was going to India, that is definitely minimum effort, maximum yield!!

I must say a massive thankyou to the whole team for looking after me when I fell and that I can’t wait to see you all again which is likely to be when we fly out to India as I can’t make the final meeting! I’m so ridiculously excited and hopefully no injuries like this weekend will occur whilst we are out in Chennai! But the things I’m most looking forward to are: a good night’s sleep without waking up; no back/neck pain but also to get on that flight from Heathrow that leaves at 1pm on the 31st of July from Terminal 5!

It finally feels so real and I can’t WAIT!!


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