Quiet, Cold and Normality.

Quiet, Cold and Normality.

September 1, 2011 Post Project 1

So team B touched down yesterday. As I write this blog I am thinking about getting ready for work already!  Normal life is taking shape, work, packing  – ready for moving next week.

This year has felt such a whirlwind, it seems hard to think that it is all over, But is it?

Even though we have left India and it’s amazing city of Chennai, the work still continues. There has been a couple of lines from a Christian song by a band called Bluetree that has been stuck in my head over the last couple of days while we have been finishing the project

Greater things are yet to come,

Greater things are still to be done in this City.

(God of this City)

Our work doesn’t end when we leave and their will always be greater achievements to come with God at the centre.

The friendships and connections we build while we are out there do last, whether it is with the General Secretary of the YMCA or the football coaches of Oasis or the teacher at Blue Edge. Even the Boy’s we see and love at Boy’s Town, these are connections that will never be broken, friendships that will never end and with all this come amazing memories that will live on forever.

I have once again been blessed by this experience and have loved every second, I have come back with yet more Son’s and brothers and have grown even more in confidence and aquired (indian in jokes) new skills in leadership.

Chennai Challenge really is a life changing experience. It certainly challenges you in so many aspects of your life and really gives you new perspectives on the way we live day to day.

Although it is so natural to slip back into the normality of busy life and the commercialism of our world here in England; I feel I am once again, more aware of how little people have elsewhere. Rather than this affecting the way they live; they just carry on and embrace each day and new experience to the full and most importantly give so much of themselves to everything they do because that is all they have.

Whether I have the opportunity to go again (which I hope I do) I know that the passion I feel at this moment for Chennai Challenge and their work will remain and hopefully through my experiences I can inspire others to take up the challenge; as it is definitely worthwhile.

Thank you Chennai Challenge

Suzanne/Zuzanne/Aunty Sue

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  1. caitlinsc says:

    Zuzanne, thankyou for putting into words what I couldn’t. CC this year was incredible, but God is not done with Chennai 🙂

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