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kcohS erutluC esreveR

August 21, 2012 Post Project 0

kcohS erutluC esreveR

Having not managed to blog during our time in India, thinking about some post return issues.

One of the issues which was highlighted at the training days and as we were getting ready to come home was “kcohS erutluC esreveR” . How would it affect us, what would we identify?

Landing at Heathrow, walking into the terminal, clean, quiet, but most overwhelming was the feeling of calm, which has still not left me; sitting in the passenger seat of the car driving back to Stafford, smooth roads, no horns, no (well little) undertaking, and the tranquillity of our green and pleasant land – everywhere looks finished not half built and being lived in.

Sat and talked for hours with Lynn, about all that has gone on, and catching up with what has happened while I was away. Facebook and Twitter, email all dealt with between trips to the loo! Throat is still sore, but getting better, and certainly not stopping me working, much to my boss’ relief.

Today is Tuesday 21st and life is getting back to normal, back to work this morning, to plough through 250 emails after throwing out the spam and in the pauses catching myself reflecting on an amazing trip away even with illness.

For me there has been little shock returning home so far, but how much of that was due to me having been to India before, and also Lynn being aware of my needs in those first few hours at home, having been out with CC a couple of years ago. Starting to pick up the threads of my life here, but at the moment do not want to allow it to get back to fever pitch where it was before we left. Reading other tweets and posts from all the team has certainly been a help as well – feeling we are still in touch. I hope all my new daughters and nieces are behaving!

As the last of the washing goes in, I know I won’t wash it out of me as easily as we wash it out of our clothes, a part of me will always be in Boys Town and Yellagiri. As one of the older lads said to me on Friday night “Thank you for good times” Les

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