India was awesome

India was awesome

August 31, 2011 Post Project 2

Its been just over a week since I arrived back to the U.K and Team B have just landed at Heathrow Airport. India was awesome and I already want to go back next year. I surprisingly miss the food, the people and of course the boys from YMCA Boys Town.

As soon as I left the airport with my parents I realised how cold it was, I was frozen. I slept most of the car journey home because it was so quiet, it was odd not being kept awake by the constant car horn or the shout of an auto cab driver.

I also miss the Chennai Challenge Team, from Flo dancing her way through most of the boys programs, Emma/ Nick my mentors, Ellie/Lydia and their annoying yet amusing hiccups, Suzanne who managed to get Team B to India, Barney who ended up having a different nickname everyday, Tamsin and Caitlin leaders of the amazing Purple Team, Kieron kept his winning Yelligri group under control by shouting ‘Attention!’, Joel who seemed to eat everything, Suzie who was Emma’s amazing  partner and loved playing UNO, James who seemed to know every Disney song as he sang his way back to Vepery along with Rachel who was Barney’s super Yelligri partner, Lizzie my fabulous Yelligri partner along with Joel, and Imogen who danced so her group wouldn’t get bored and last but not least Sarah who saved me from falling out of an auto!  We all brought something different and special to make the Chennai Challenge Team of 2011 amazing from any other year, its one of the main reasons i want to return again.

Not forgetting Cathy, Rob and Isaac who are sort of the role models for the whole thing. If there was a piece of advice I could offer anyone going on Chennai Challenge it would be;

Stick a smile on your face, do a silly dance and you’ll fit in just fine’ 🙂


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  1. yemmakelly says:

    Nice blog Charlotte – Really sums up well how your feeling! We miss you and your evil, flaring nostrils!!!

  2. Isaac Jones says:

    that was a brilliant blog charlotte – and i couldn’t agree more with your words of advice!

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