September 30, 2012 Post Project 2

I was having a quick chat with the Chennai Challenge team photo this morning when…

Just kidding guys – I haven’t reached the talking-to-photos stage of reverse culture shock…yet!

I am missing Chennai and the team though, but funny everyday things remind me of the summer – like if anyone says “totes” or “parred!”. I was face painting at a church social evening thing last night, but nobody wanted to be a tiger. Last week, me and Megan went on a school trip to Symphony Hall, but the sing-song on the mini-bus didn’t include “who’s the king of the jungle” – although Megan did try!

I had the longest article in the school newsletter last week about Chennai Challenge – 2 sides and 5 lovely big colourful pictures! This week, my primary school have asked me to pop in as class 3 are starting a project about India! I’m taking photos and Indian sweets, I’ll wear a chuddidar and teach them some of the songs and games we did with the Kottivakam boys, ooh and maybe a bit of Tamil! In a couple of weeks, I’m filling in the Cubs about India and how the money I raised from the Cubs chocolate hamper raffle may have affected children their own age in Chennai.

On Sunday, Emma and Rob are coming for India night at my youth group. It’s a bit like we’ve come full circle because this was sort of how I first heard of Chennai Challenge – Rob showing photos and selling jewelry at PYGS. I was 13 or 14 then, I took a leaflet but didn’t really expect that I’d actually go to Chennai and return with so many photos, friends and memories.

Starting 6th form has been fun and very busy! Lots of teachers asked about what I’d been doing in India. I hadn’t told alot of them that I was even going, so I wasn’t sure how they all knew! Most of them said they were jealous as they’d  had a boring summer and have always wanted to volunteer abroad with a charity like this. I told them to look at this website and to just go for it! I think it’s dead funny, looking back to last winter, to think about when I was sat in the car outside Rob and Cathy’s house with my application form on my lap, debating with myself about whether I could really do it – push the envelope through the door and go to Chennai. I am so sooo glad now that I did.

Mary x


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  1. David Palmer says:

    Pity your friends… Dad

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