Yesterday deserves a blog.

Yesterday deserves a blog.

August 12, 2011 From India 3

We will not have time to visit the Internet cafe tonight as we are invited to a meal at Prince’s house (one of the YMCA Secretaries).  However yesterday was so brilliant that it deserves a blog immediately.  So, here I am in Joy&Joy internetcafe to fill you all in!

Thanks for your comments so far by the way.  It’s great to hear your voices and know that someone is listening to our ramblings!

So, yesterday began with the team dividing into groups to complete some more project resource shopping, money changing and visiting Blue Edge English lessons.  All 3 groups had a brilliant time.  I was in the Blue Edge group with Tamsin, Rob and Ellie.  It turned out to be a really good session where we did some activities to help the students understand prepositions, such as ‘under’, ‘on’, ‘beside’, ‘in between’, ‘next to’, ‘at’ and so on.  The session plan worked really well and we were rewarded at the end with fresh Papaya and some Indian coffee.  I think the students enjoyed the class and the teacher said that it was very helpful.  Of course I said that they should give us a Tamil lesson to improve our ‘konjam Tamil’.  I am not sure that’s going to happen.

Yemma and Cathy had to go and change money at Spencer Plaza and were also on the hunt for small sized Indian cricket shirts for the puppets (we have 3 puppet shows planned for Yellagiri) .  It transpired that both of these tasks proved a little more difficult to achieve than first thought.  Indeed they ended up with a juice at the Fruit Shop on Greams Road while they waited for money to become available at the Bureau de Change; and then found themselves at the Chepauk stadium in their quest for infant size cricket shirts.  They did not find any.  But they got to visit the Chepauk!

The remainder of the group were shopping and making further preparations and ended up purchasing a DVD Rom collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica for the one of the schools.

Lunch was hot puffs, samosas, crisps and nuts (with a generous helping of fresh fruit!) before we headed off to Kottivakkam for our latest Boys Town session.  The session was a roaring success with notable highlights including Ellie and Charlotte delivering a rousing rendition of ‘Boom Chikka Boom’, Emma getting the boys pushing tennis balls along the ground with their heads only, and me jumping around like a deranged monkey.  Awesome.

A rush back to Vepery and a VERY quick change saw us ready to meet Becky, Vijay and a couple who have worked with Oasis in the past Amy and David!  The full group then took auto rickshaws to get food at a new hotel.  Cathy and I shared some amazing Tandoori chicken with a Ceylon Egg Paratha (which was yum!)  Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal, especially Flo who had a “Tomoto Omlett”.

Chicken Tandoori

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Once we got back to Vepery it was quite late (already after 11) so we almost  went straight to bed.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that some of the YMCA workers were playing cricket outside the hostel.  Inevitably Emma, Barney, Rob and even Ellie joined in.  A fantastic close to a jam packed today, although I don’t think the result of our little game was the same as the third test.  We’ve been enjoying the fact that England are doing so much better than India in the cricket!

This morning has already involved football, lesson planning, fun station prep and EVEN MORE Yellagiri planning.  Wish us luck as we embark on a busy afternoon of Blue Edge, Government School (BV Colony) English lesson and fun station.

Oh, and also  – we can’t wait to see you Team B! Hope you’re excited (and haven’t forgotten any project equipment!)

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  1. Isaac Jones says:

    by the way – 100th post! sorry Barn Doors – I know you wanted to do the hundredth!

  2. Liv Harty says:

    Loving the blog! Sounds like you’re having an awesome time wish I could be there! It feels strange that I’m not…. Lots of Love xxx

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