Yellagiri and other such things

Yellagiri and other such things

August 21, 2011 From India 3


I hope summer in England is not too rainy, and you are all well – although thinking about it London could be on fire currently and we would have no idea, which is slightly surreal. On the subject of rain, last night there was a terrific storm and I woke up to a slightly flooded room – we are hoping that this hasn’t had too bad an effect in Kottivakum (where the boys live) as lots may have to leave if living conditions deteriorate.

We’re back from Yellagiri! Yellagiri, as Charlie has posted, is where we take the boys from the orphanage on a holiday camp for 4 days. This year there were about 70/75ish and I think we would all agree that it was such a fantastic time. We started, of course, with the journey there – which consisted of 6 hours in a bus with 35 very excited boys, many of whom were effectively hanging off the side of the bus. Many, many thumb wars later, and after some fantastic views, and good times with the boys, we arrived. And so began two activity packed days with our groups. At times, especially near the start, it was challenge, as we discovered that it was sometimes hard to control a group of boys whose language you can’t speak, and were quite over excited (CC – remember the painting? …how could we forget) However, we learnt and throughout our time there really got to know the boys and had a really great time doing activities such as balloon modelling (dog! dog!) woodcraft (where many god’s eyes and mobiles were made) face painting (Lions and vampires were popular with my group, although Vijay went for half singam – lion, and half puli – tiger, beacause he’s AWESOME) and parachute games. And a lot more – as well as morning and evening devotions – where we learnt about God’s love and friendship together. I thought the journey back would be uneventful without the boys but apparently such things do not happen on Chennai Challenge – an hour in our tire burst and we had a surprisingly fun hour and a half wait at the side of the road.

It was a real privilege to spend this time with the boys and to get to know them, and Team B are looking forward to seeing them all again in the next couple of weeks. However, this is Team A’s last day here in India and we are very sad to see them go 🙁 It’s been great getting to know them too.

Thank you for reading and supporting us, we are really excited for the rest of our time here and what we’re going to do with God’s help in Chennai.

God bless
Caitlin x


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    its official…i am wantimg the india times. vamakamm to all

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