Looking silly with a drainpipe and wood…

Looking silly with a drainpipe and wood…

August 8, 2011 From India 3

Interesting time we are having here in Chennai. Weather is good, but the mossy’s are certainly biting…!

In preparation for our various activities at the Boys Town and the trip to Yelligiri i was sent out  (on Sunday) with Emma, Ellie and Charlotte to find and collect various bits. One thing we required was a piece of drainpipe for the game “splat the rat”. This meant I was then walking around Vepery High Street with a 7ft tall piece of pipe. For the locals, seeing a white person walking down the road in India with a drainpipe, is definitely something they don’t usually see everyday.

It looks like the Project Leaders think I like shopping, so off I went today (Monday) with Tasmin and Barney (who turned into Ellie after a while). We ended up spending 4 hours trying to get everything on our list- not easy as you can see! One of the more peculiar items were four pieces of sheet wood, and a larger piece measuring 1m x 1.5m. Trying to explain this to people is hard enough for normal items, but this took some time. Eventually we got taken to a shop that sold sheet wood by a great gentleman from our main shop, Gold Mine.

To cut a long story short, we sorted out what we needed at Gold Mine, and the wood was delivered there. Then the man in charge paid for us to have an rickshaw to deliver us and our items back to the YMCA. I had the great task of riding in this rickshaw holding this huge piece of wood aloft as we went back along the high street. Ellie and Tasmin followed behind- and it was a rather amusing sight.

More blog another day…


3 Responses

  1. Lynn Godden says:

    Nice mental images!!! Well done on that shopping list…x

  2. Lady Elizabeth says:

    Splat the Rat is always good!

  3. Rob Short says:

    Now we just need to find a rat to splat

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