India Time…

India Time…

August 7, 2011 From India 4

‘India Time’ is a concept that the Chennai Challenge have created which describes the way that time can pass while waiting for things in India. Examples of this are in 2007 when Cathy and Tamsin had to wait 4 hours at a shop called Gold Mine when they were trying to buy project equipment. The reason why I am bringing up ‘India Time’ is because we experienced it today…

Today the team were meant to be going to Kottivakkum to run a morning programme at Boys Town at 10.30, meaning leaving Vepery at 9.30. This relied on our vehicle arriving at Vepery at 9.30… can you guess what happened? It is 3.00pm now and still no vehicle has arrived… so it has been hours since we gave up the plan to visit Boys Town. We gave up on that plan at around 12.00 noon and had a day of planning Yellagiri and relaxing as a team. This means we had a game of Uno, won by relative rookie Ellie Ellie Ansell, and also just chatted about everything from what we think the newbies on team B’s reactions to India will be to Tamsin’s memories of 2007… some very amusing stories in her old journal.

Yellagiri has been restructured as there are less boys at Kottivakkum than we thought there would be and activities have been delegated out to team members. I have the lucky privilege of leading a penalty shootout with Emma Kelly… should be fun…

Later today we are going to change money and have dinner at Spencer Plaza, the local shopping mall, and then we will meet Becky Swamickan of Oasis to get some more dates in our schedule! The Oasis team’s football match was cancelled because of pitch condition but I hope we can still watch a game at some point.

Everything is going great and I am loving blogging regularly, and Rob has said because I am the most socially networked team member it is only a matter of time before I get a Facebook friend request from an Auto driver. Thanks for reading 😀 Barney x


4 Responses

  1. Ali Ansell says:

    Thanks for the blog Barney….love reading them and so impressed!
    Ellie won UNO then? She is a fiend at perudo also.
    Hope you are all healthy and loving it.

  2. barneyblake says:

    Thanks Ali!
    Yes, Ellie won Uno but she was taking score as well so I’m not sure whether to believe her haha
    We are all healthy, if a little tired and everyone on team is loving it!

  3. Lynn Godden says:

    You are the blogger extraordinaire….it is really good to get regular news and hear what you are all up to. How many boys do you have at Kottivakum then? Is it a lot less than anticipated? Keep the info coming!!!

  4. Rob Short says:

    Around 77 Boys at Kottivakkum this year. The site is still dry at the moment

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