Independence Day and Yelligri

Independence Day and Yelligri

August 15, 2011 From India 5

So my first blog in Chennai! It is so great to be back in this amazing country. Thankfully getting out here was not a problem and I got the team here in one piece.

So today is Independence day. With an early start of 06:50 (who says this is a holiday?) we all went to the flag hoisting held in the courtyard of Vepery YMCA. Then we split and went to four separate YMCA branches to be apart of their cultural programmes.  Noe Yemma does manage to pick them or at least the leadership team manage to pick them for her. She led a group to a branch which I think is Roytapary (probably spelt completely differently!) and ended up being asked by Prince to lead the programme, so the four white visitors from England found themselves leading every part of the celebrations of Independence from us! The irony. It was also videod and there is a strong likelihood that in 2 days time it will be televised. We will keep you posted!

I went with a group led by Rob to Kotivakkam (the boys town), due to transport problems (surprise, surprise) we finally arrived after he programme started and found ourselves bustled into the front causing much distraction with the boys. It was however great to see so many of them from last year.

We then had a quick lunch break before heading back to boys town for a session as MEGA TEAM!!!!!!! This was madness but great fun.

I am now quickly typing this (as the internet shop is actually closed, but they kindly allowed us in) before heading back to prepare for Yelligri tomorrow! We are all so excited, even the boys as this is the 4 day activity holiday in the hills. We have some amazing activities planned and will fill you in on the fun when we get back. We will be stopping an extra day as a team to chill and relax before team A head home 🙁 and team B get to work.


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  1. Lynn Godden says:

    WoooHooooo Yellagiri! Praying for safe journey for you all. Enjoy!!! x

  2. Charlotte Wright says:

    I echo those sentiments!

  3. Heidi Shewell-Cooper says:

    Great to hear all the news, India seems to have its own demonstrations too at the moment in some parts, thinking of you for the next few days of none stop action! Have a fab time xx

  4. Isaac Jones says:

    Yellagiri was WAWESOME! Thanks to all of the CC team members for working like dogs to make the holiday brilliant. the boys loved it.

  5. Rob Short says:

    So the team from Roypettah Independence celebrations were on actually TV. Raj Musix, showing their faces on real Indian TV

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