In which we buy stuff and make stuff

In which we buy stuff and make stuff

August 22, 2011 From India 5

Hey everyone, hope you’re well. I’m sitting in Joy and Joy (the best internet cafe in the vepery area) and just realised no one was blogging, so here I am. Sorry if it’s a short one – I have 15 minutes starting… now.

This morning Team A left us at a ridiculous hour, so at briefing we found ourselves feeling a little thin on the ground. Nevertheless after breakfast we were ready to visit two community centers in Chennai. However, the bus didn’t come, and due to some kind of scheduling error instead of visiting the centers we spent some time in the general secretary’s office drinking rather wonderful coffee and discussing YMCA Madras and religious tensions in south India. Interesting stuff.

After this we had a picnic type lunch thing (basically, not curry) which included birthday cake as it is in fact Imogen’s birthday. Yay! And half of us went to Blue-edge school to teach an english lesson, which was apparently great. I’m sure Rachel enjoyed it as most of the boys there wanted to marry her – a benefit of being blonde I had no idea of before coming to India! The rest of us went shopping for resources for our sessions with the boys at kottivakum and spent the remainder of the afternoon making things such as giant twister mats, 75 bandanas, and multiple peacock mosaic templates. As you do. It was good to get stuck in, and we worked hard to get these done for our sessions – which we are really looking forward to running soon. We’ve missed all the boys since Yellagiri.

Anyway, I should really go. I’ve used up my hour, and am also kinda tired. Thanks for praying for us and supporting us, we can really feel God with us here in our work in Chennai.

God bless
Caitlin xx


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  1. Lynn Godden says:

    Thanks for the blog Caitlin, it is really good to hear how the team is doing and inform on prayer needs. It is difficult when Team A go, but am sure team B will step up and work brilliantly as a team. Praying for you all,
    Lynn 😀

  2. james o says:

    Error, yaznet wins vs joy and joy…every time!

  3. yemmakelly says:

    This is what we thought James – until this year when Joy and Joy was FAST!!!!! and fairly comfortable!!! I know bizarre!!

  4. Rob Short says:

    Yaznet has more character. I am however posting this from Joy & Joy

  5. Caitlin, it’s really good to hear from you and what you’ve been up to. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in India and i will be praying for you and the rest of the team! Lots of love xxxx

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