Great culture, even better food…

Great culture, even better food…

August 6, 2011 From India 1

This blog is going to be primarily about food. This is because I have so far bought primarily food. Lots of food. Amazing food!

The new tastes of Indian food is often a big challenge for team members when they first come to India and this was the same for me last year. But this year I know what I like and I know that trying new things finds you new favourite foods. So far I have spent the most money on food, approximately 10 pounds while most people have spent around 6 pounds. I just have developed a massive love for the food here. 😀

So far I have eaten… Poori (didn’t like it last year, now I do), Vadai, Panner Butter Masala, Butter Chicken, Cheese Pav Baiji and Gobi 65… to name but a few dishes. I just love the flavours and the brilliant experience of dining out as a team. At the moment I am on a sugar high after eating three Gulab Jamuns (basically dough soaked in sugar, cooked in sugar, dipped in sugar… etc).

On another subject, today we met the new General Secretary of YMCA Madras and it was an enjoyable meeting, if very tiring. Then we did some shopping and planning for Yellagiri and Kottivakkum Boys Town which was fun and it really has made me look forward to running all the programmes. Tomorrow we are going to Boys Town in the morning and going to watch the Oasis football team in the afternoon. Should be another packed day and I will need to get more sleep than last night.

I’m loving settling in and I caught a bit of X-Men 2 on the TV earlier, making me feel a little at home in our nice little room. Please keep reading the blogs and praying for us, Chennai Challenge 2011 has started brilliantly. Barney 😀 x


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  1. John Harris says:

    Tasty blog. I had my supper earlier…now I’m hungry again.

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