GCSE’s and all that Jazz..

GCSE’s and all that Jazz..

August 26, 2011 From India 2

Hello everyone it’s my first blog here in India so hope you enjoy!

Yesterday for the number of 16 year olds there are in the team was a bit of a stressful today because it was the day that our results came out. However in the end it turned out that it was only me and rachel who got ours, but we will come to that later.

The day started out as a normal day, we got up then had breakfast ready for the day ahead. We then headed off downstairs because yesterday was the day that we visit a slightly flooded Fort School and Esplanade Community centre. A few of us including me, Caitlin and Lizzi had already been to Fort school for independence day but we were shockedby what we found when we got there. During the night there had been a horrific thunderstorm which literally left parts of the school underwater. The classrooms that we had eaten breakfast in 10 days ago was flooded, the water reaching halfway up our shins. This is a huge problem in Chennai, in the richer areas the land is higher meaning that the lower land is left as a sort of drainage basin to collect all of the run-off water.

Then after this we visited the first YMCA building in Chennai, Esplanade, built in 1899. It is a fantastic looking building, the pinkish coloured rock having been transported for Jaipur and the metal from England. However this view was slightly ruined by the number of stalls outside of the building, trying to make money from tourists. When we went to see the GS (General Secretary) of Chennai YMCA he said that he intended to make the building a national Heritage site, meaning that these stalls would have to leave.

Now at this point the time of getting my results was fast approaching, only a short our remained until I got them. We decided to go to Spencer Plaza (A nearby Shopping Mall) to get lunch before heading back to go to the boys town in the afternoon. Now at this point I was quite nervous about getting the results so decided to eat a huge meal at KFC to calm the nerves, nothing like food to calm you down! Then the time had come, my mum would be in school collecting them now! I took a deep breath and gave her a call! The results were good! Exactly what I had hoped for! This was definitely a day in India that I would not forget!

Now today I woke up after a not very good nights sleep!I had been pretty ill in the night, I reckon it was something I ate.. So I didn’t eat any breakfast! I know shocking! I know thee is something wrong with me when I don’t feel like eating! Anyway this morning was not very exciting as we got a load of ‘jobs’ done. So some people went off to collect gift for all of the boys in the boys town. At the end of the project we give each boy wash bag filled with items such as a toothbrush and a pencil case filled with suprisingly items like a pencil. Then after that was the job of filling 75 pencil cases and Wash Bags! A bit boring but definitely for a good cause! I meanwhile went to get 80 photos developed, a grand total of 480 rupees (around 6.50!) Then all afternoon I have been cutting out paper pieces of square (as they are now known) for a mozaic we are planning to do on sunday! All in all then a very productive day!

Love from Joel and the team, byeee

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  1. yemmakelly says:

    Wow no breakfast! Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Lizzie sounds like she enjoyed her shopping trip with Rob getting lots of coffee and pepsi offered to her and Suzanne is really enjoying the winding up over an Indian marriage! Good job guys!!!!!! Say hi to the boys for me!

  2. Lynn Godden says:

    Probably the kfc Joel!!!! Stick to Indian food!!! Excellent results, well done Mastermind! So pleased to hear that you are having an amazing time. Great blog….ta. Love to everyone x

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