Day Nine!

Day Nine!

August 9, 2012 From India 3

Vanakam! Today is our midpoint, our hump day, our half way point in our time in Chennai! It has been a totally amazing adventure so far, and I can’t wait for the up coming days: spending even more time with the boys in YMCA boys town at Kottivakam, for leading our second English class with Oasis students and our next after school session at Blue Edge.

Highlights of the trip so far have certainly got to include the four day activity holiday we led in the Yellagiri hills for the boys from Kottivakam boys town. We, the chennai challenge team, enjoyed running the sports, games, crafts and songs with the boys. We split into seperate teams; Suzanne and I led Orange team – the orange tigers (roar!) and were almost as excited as the boys themselves when they won the overall points score at the end of the few days.

Some boys wanted to give their crafts,drawings, and sweets to members of the Chennai Challenge team, telling us it was a “reminder of them” – they were so appreciative of us just being there to laugh, listen, play and talk with them. What they may not have realised is that we could never forget them anyway! Working with them has enabled me to learn so much and given me much more confidence in working with people and especially children.

I’m blogging form a lovely toasty internet cafe with a stomach full of mushroom biryani and watermelon juice! Bliss! Emma says we have to go now! So, so long, farewell, adios amigos!


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  1. Susan palmer says:

    You sound like you are having an amazing time and you sound so happy, can’t wait to have you back but we are delighted that you are having such a fantastic experience x Palmer clan x

  2. Susan palmer says:

    Glad you are speaking like a local…..adios amigos! Dad

  3. Ellie Cooke says:

    Mary! Sounds like you’re having a brilliant time! I hope you’re taking pictures so you have something to share when you come home! Miss you! 🙂 <3

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