And on the 8th day…

And on the 8th day…

August 8, 2012 From India 0

Many things had happened! Greetings from (surprisingly) sunny India! It’s day 8 now and I’ve finally managed to access the internet, I’m sitting here in a warm “shack” for lack of a better word, the sign on the window says “High speed 256kbps” Yeah..

Anyway much is happening in chennai challenge, not only in India but at home. The most life changing news is that project leaders Cathy and Rob are parents! Cathy gave birth to Malachi Robert Clifford Short early yesterday morning (GMT). We were in Kottivakkam when we received the news and announced it to the boys, the atmosphere for the rest of the time was electric (even more than usual) the activity of designing themselves t-shirts soon turned into drawing pictures of the baby (which was of course Indian).

We’ve had 2 days to recover since the adventure holiday in Yelligiri, which was completely shattering for the whole team. After landing at about 4am getting up at 10(ish) then having a full day and short sleep before leaving, we were barely acclimatised, not to mention the jet lag, but we soldiered through.

The boys were amazing from the get go, as they usually are, it’s amazing as a returning challenger how many of the boys remember you (and how many names you actually remember). There are very very few boys this year, only 47 in boys town, this is due to parents deciding to send their children to schools that teach all their lessons in English instead of Tamil.

As I write this blog half of the team are out at the Oasis project school, teaching English, I’ll be heading there this afternoon. I’m very excited to go back to Oasis as it was probably my favorite part of last year. The leader of Oasis told Isaac that thanks to our lessons last year, the students understood what they had learned much more and it helped them perform much better in their exams.

With only 10 days to go I’m in a state of flux. I greatly miss being home, I miss my family, I miss my work at Tt Dragons and I miss gaming. But I have a feeling by next Friday,  won’t want to come home, even though I still have a lot more stuff waiting for me this summer.

Time for me to sign off, I can barely cope with this 256kbps speed, I need to slow down, the team’s thoughts go to Cathy, Rob and Malachi and we’ll be seeing you all soon.


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