A very wet welcome

A very wet welcome

November 15, 2015 From India News Post Project 3

Hi all,

This is Isaac writing from a very wet  Chennai. I was  not a part of the project this summer, however I  have  taken advantage of some  of my holiday this year to come to Chennai and visit our partners and friends here.   The visit will be strange for me as I won’t be with  a team; I will have free time  to relax and do things I wouldn’t  normally  be able to do; and I’m all on my own!  I’m very excited about all of this, mostly because I will be able to spend lots of time with our  friends at the YMCA and Oasis.

Before arriving in India I organised a couple of meetings to  talk  about how Chennai Challenge contributes to  the overall strategic goals of our partners.  It is really important  for us to make sure we use the funds  that our team members have raised effectively and have a real  positive impact, not just in the short term, but in the long term  as well.  So I am excited to have these conversations, and  will keep you all updated on our progress.

Vepery is WET!

As you have probably gathered from the title of this  blog entry, Chennai is currently very wet.  The rain is falling almost constantly, and although it hasn’t been  torrential quite yet I imagine the Boys Town is severely flooded.  I will hopefully be visiting them soon and hope that they are safe and dry – or as much as can be.

Well – just a short entry from me to say I have arrived to those of you who wanted to know, and to kick off my visit.  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below, and fingers crossed the rain stops at some point this week!

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  1. Clifford (cathys dad) says:

    I hope you have a fabulous time and I do hope that the weather gets better for your stay, I will be reading your blogs , John

    • Isaac Jones says:

      Thank you! Not sure it’s going to get any better looking at the weather report. I don’t think I packed appropriately for Chennai after all. Oops!

  2. Isaac Jones says:

    Just to keep people updated – I have found out that the Boys Town is completely flooded and the boys have been sent to stay with whatever family they have. This is obviously upsetting as I won’t be able to see them, and also because we know that the conditions of their home lives are not always great. I will still visit the site and let you know how it is looking.

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