You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once

August 17, 2013 Challenges Thought for the Day 1

The wonderful Kieron Davies has written a blog for us. Read below and enjoy!

YOLO, you only live once. This little fad started around the end of 2012 and has only become bigger. Different social groups have taken ‘you only live once’ and interpreted it to mean very different things, some for the better and some…not so much. As far as I can see there are 3 major interpretations for YOLO and I’m going to explore each one and see which one you should live (once) by.




So as YOLO started to become a ‘thing’ teenagers and young adults started to use it as an excuse to go out, get very drunk, do stupid things and make it look impressive or worth while. Asking a friend why the brought a traffic cone home with them last night was often responded with “cos yolo”. This is the worth kind of way to only live once. This is self indulgence at it’s worst and is certainly the lower form of YOLO.


YOLO – Lonely Island ft. Adam Levine

Okay so this example is more satirical but still has a base of truth behind it. Some people saw the YOLO hype and heard the words ‘you only live once’ and it scared them. The idea that you only live one life scares a lot of people so to them YOLO meant do nothing risky at all and try to live as long as possible. Now this isn’t the worst interpretation of YOLO but it certainly isn’t the one you should live by.



This is the right kind of YOLO. Using the life you have and living it to the fullest. Giving your life over to others, you may only live once, but so does everyone else. Chennai Challenge is the kind of YOLO experience you should take up. A project is 2 ½ weeks a year, which is not a lot of time out of your entire life to really live. CC gives you the opportunity to make the one life you live mean something. Application Forms for project 2014 are open available and you can help in many other ways such as being an ambassador, helping raise money, becoming a trustee or even becoming a project leader and going out there yourself.  So why not give it a try? Cos YOLO.


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