Who’s up for a challenge?

Who’s up for a challenge?

April 6, 2013 Challenges Reflection 0

There seem to be a lot of challenges around in life at the moment. When I say this I am not thinking of all of the problems of the world, recession  and the like, I am more thinking about things that are offered and advertised as a challenge for our entertainment. Just to think of some of them it seems a little odd to see how they would be fun to do. A marathon has always been seen as a challenge and people are often sponsored as they push themselves through this challenge. However it seems that that is not extreme enough for some people as there is a rise in triathlons  iron man competitions and events such as tough guy. Some go as far as going on TV to do a silly challenge with shows like wipeout, or the slightly more extreme Ninja Warrior. As strange as it may seem to some people that you would want to put yourself through a whole load of pain, many people do and then feel the warm glow of having achieved something.

You may get a slightly different feeling from doing a food challenge, far more popular in America than the UK and brought to the fore by Man Vs Food.

Man v. Food

Man v. Food (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The gargantuan meals that are served to people seem to be able to give you the proud feeling of eating far more than you need to and the likelihood of indigestion. That is if you finish them, as more often than not the size of theses challenges really shouldn’t be possible for a normal human being. They are spreading and it is possible to find a good number of challenges in the UK now, with my local pub offering the 1 kg burger challenge as well as the Flaming wings challenge.

For a far less physical challenge there are always challenges on computer games. It seems that every games has to have a series of challenges to keep you interested, whatever you are playing it on. It could be that you are trying to win one of the weekly challenges set on Halo 4, or just trying to unlock all the achievements on it as you play on your Xbox 360, your reward is being able to show people you have done well and scoring lots of points. This week I have been hooked in to completing challenges on Temple run 2 on my phone. Not all week of course, but a little bit of time each day, because if I complete the challenges I earn coins, which then makes Temple Run 2 easier for me to play. I am not sure why but I felt like I should complete the challenges to show my prowess at this pointless and silly game.

You can even just spend your time watching people doing challenging things on TV, especially by watching the channel ‘Challenge’

It would be foolish of me not to mention Chennai Challenge and of course to focus this time on the ‘challenge’ part. Way back in 2005 Chennai Challenge started, and between Cathy, Isaac and myself we had a clear idea of what we wanted to do initially and that was to take people to Chennai to help out with the charitable works of Madras YMCA. We had got this vision after being involved in Guildford YMCA’s “India project” which had been doing the very same thing and we saw the opportunity to go out for longer and with a wider age range. We then get the the problem of a name for our charity.  Mainly from the fact that I like a bit of alliteration, ‘Chennai Challenge’ was put forward as a name and is what we became. We liked the name because it does give a very quick idea of what we are and what we do. We were thinking at the time that the challenge is for all those who are team members, the experience of being in Chennai will be challenging to them in terms of being away from home, being in a different culture, eating different food, seeing extreme poverty first hand and many other things. That all comes after the challenge of having to raise money in the first place. As challenges go, I think that these are worthwhile challenges which people can feel proud that they have overcome.

So after a little extra history of Chennai Challenge, what are the challenges for today? Well there is always the challenge of getting involved with us, by supporting us, reading the blog regularly or volunteering to be part of a team that goes to Chennai. You may want to take up the challenge of posting a reply to the blog. Or you may simply want to take the challenge of counting how many times challenge is written in this blog! (And that does include this challenge and the one where I gave you the challenge counting challenge)

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