This weekend…

This weekend…

February 23, 2012 Challenges Training 2

I have very little to do on a Thursday so I thought I might as well write a short blog.

This weekend the Chennai Challenge team of 2012 will be setting off to London for a weekend of training. I’m sure it will be filled with silly songs and dances and possibly even a snazzy PowerPoint presentation, but that’s all part of the fun of Chennai Challenge.

The YMCA boys certainly don’t mind us acting like complete fools. That’s probably one of the strangest qualities I’ve gained from going to India with Chennai Challenge; there’s nothing wrong with being a bit silly. That’s part of being outside of my comfort zone and without that we wouldn’t be prepared for the amazing work we are going to do in August.

Yet again this year I am amazed at people’s generosity and not just with their money. They have generously given their time and even promised their homes for evening events. Without them a curry night that has been organised and even a sausage and mash night would be completely impossible. My church this year has helped so much already.

As promised only a  short blog but just remember it’s perfectly fine to act like a monkey (Isaac) because it puts a smile on a small Indian boy’s face. And that is good. 🙂


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  1. Isaac Jones says:

    Thanks Charlotte – and you are quite right being a monkey *is* perfectly fine!

  2. Barney Blake says:

    With Rob and Isaac as project leaders… it is definitely alright to be a bit (or a lot) silly 😉

    Nice blog charlotte! 🙂

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