My biggest challenge so far…

My biggest challenge so far…

October 26, 2013 Challenges Training 0


Wow, it is that time of year again where we have begun our recruitment for team members for next years project to Chennai, India. This is very exciting as we have had a year of planning, restructuring, celebrating and deciding upon the future of Chennai Challenge. So for next year we are looking for potential project leaders, people who feel they would like to take on the challenge and rewarding opportunity of going to India and leading a team of people to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Alongside recruitment comes fundraising. This is vital to enable us to complete these projects. As a project leader I am constantly looking for opportunities where I can gather funds to support our projects. Most of my fundraising comes from my hobby of DJ-ing at parties, however this year, I have decided that I want to challenge myself to do something AMAZING, something INSPIRING and most importantly something that will challenge me. So … wait for it … I have … decided that I am going to complete … a Sprint Triathlon.

“WHAT?” I hear you cry. Yes that’s right… I, Emma Kelly, am going to try to complete a triathlon.

I am quite excited about this, as I love sport and exercise. But not only do I have to increase my overall fitness, I also am going to need to learn how to swim and become a strong swimmer in order to complete this goal! This will be the biggest challenge that I am going to face. For a few years now, I have had the constant jokes and wind ups about not being able to swim. A couple of colleagues at every given opportunity will tell everyone about my weakness, for example in assembly when I have to give out swimming certificates or at a parents meeting when I am explaining about the school swimming lessons.

A child in my class the other day said ” Miss, how come you can’t swim when you are so sporty?” My reply was simple, I don’t see the fun in it. It seems pointless going up, down, up, down…however I am going to have to change my attitude in order to be successful in this challenge. Luckily, a kind colleague at work has offered to assist me in my swimming and another has offered to also come along and learn to swim to give me the motivation and support I am going to need in order to complete my goal.

So today, I will begin my 11 week training programme to increase my overall fitness. If I am honest, I am concerned that when I go back to work in a weeks time, I will lose motivation and not have time to fit in the training. However, I am also determined to succeed. If there is anything I am it is definitely competitive so NOT being able to do something is not in my vocabulary!

So this here is my goal…


The Sprint Distance Triathlon:

Swim: ¼ mile = 400 – 500 yards(meters)

Bike: 9 – 15 miles

Run: 5K or 3.1 miles

I will of course keep you updated with my progress and would welcome any words of encouragement or any help or guidance you have.

If you would like to know more about how you could get involved with Chennai Challenge please  visit our get involved page; and read our blog on The Early Days

If you would like some more information, please email

Right, I’m off for a 3 mile bike ride and some flexibility training!



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