Minimum effort, maximum yield!

Minimum effort, maximum yield!

April 9, 2012 Challenges Pre India 1

This is a common phrase used amongst fundraisers!

Basically, the most productive way to fundraise is where you put in the least effort you can, yet raise the most amount possible.

So here are my top five ‘minimum effort, maximum yield’ fundraising ideas;

1) JUST ASK!  – The simplest way is to ask people you know.

Set up an online account where people can donate! Then send a message to all of your friends, family and colleagues!  Remember – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

2) WRITE LETTERS! A really simple way to raise some money.

Write a standard letter explaining what you are raising money for and why. Then send out to companies, local MP’s, schools, organisations, businesses etc. Remember make them personal to each place you are sending them to. Is there a link between you and them which may make it more appealable?  Sometimes they may not be able to give money however they could provide prizes/items for a raffle!


Ask friends and family to help with fundraising. Could they complete a sponsored event? Could they help run an event you are holding? You will find people are always willing to do silly things for charity!

4) HOLD A RAFFLE!- People love raffles!

Everytime you hold an event, make sure you include a raffle. You can ask people and businesses for prizes (it is good publicity for businesses if you have their products!). If you have amazing prizes to be won, that people really want, they will then  buy as many tickets as they can get their hands on… So think long and carefully about what prizes you will get!

Bracelet Fundraiser

Simple but effective!

5) BRACELETS! – Simple concept that works well!

The really great thing about silicone bracelets

is that they are so popular, and  not only amongst the youth, but also for the older generations! Selling them will not be a problem! They will also raise the profile of your charity! Remember make the design appealing and popular – a design that people really want to buy!

So go and enjoy some hassle free fundraising!

Let us know which of the 5 proved most successful or any other ‘minimum effort, maximum yield’ fundraisers you have found to be a success.

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    I like the use of coloured writing Emma, very good.

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