Good Puddings – sorry Beaudesert

Good Puddings – sorry Beaudesert

May 9, 2012 Challenges Pre India Training 0

Well three days on and I have almost caught up on sleep.

There are a number of thankyou’s I want to share:

Cathy, Rob, Isaac, thanks for having such an amazing vision and following through to actually make a difference for others, both here and in Chennai.

Cathy – thanks for the food – nom nom nom!

Then also thanks, or should that be apologies, to all my coworkers on the team this year who have put up with my warped sense of humour, and are still willing to go to India with me – WHY? Just think, Lynn married me and has had to put up with it for more than thirty years – she is a patient lady.

So what else? The weekend was amazing so much information – just feel really embarassed that I haven’t mastered even the most basic words in Tamil – will try harder! Working alonside you all has been great, and after the weekend I am getting excited about going!

We all have different gifts and working as a team we can do so much more than we can individually. We will all have good days and bad days, so those on a good day support those on a bad day – it will swap later!

Don’t bottle your feelings up, they will eat away inside you until you pop like a champagne cork – the champagne goes all over everyone – and its definitely not a blessing. Talk to someone either one of the leaders, or your mentor, get it in the light early, deal with it, then enjoy the next bit in peace. Do you remember any of the warning signs we talked about during the training in London? If you think I am pointing a finger, think of a hand pointing, one finger points forward, three point back toward me – I’m not good at this either, but I’m working at it.

Emma K – my partner in coffee – I am relying on you to feed my addiction – especially in the first few days!

Amy, thanks for giving me a rude comment back – I needed you to, we are working together on the project and I am not MRS Godden – your RE teacher at school! 😉

Finally, 23rd June at Rising Brook Baptist Church – The Paul Poulton Project – Chennai Challenge Concert 7:30pm all welcome, Tickets are £5 or 2.50 for 12 and unders.



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