Ashleigh’s first blog!!

Ashleigh’s first blog!!

May 7, 2012 Challenges Pre India Training 1

Hi all!

This is my first blog, I don’t know why but I have been quite anxious about writing this as I have never written one before!

I can’t believe how real it now all seems! I am actually going to India for an AMAZING cause with an amazing team (who I have got to know over the training weekend in Beaudesert). I decided in January to take on this challenge, however, it has only just sunk in what I am actually doing and I AM SO EXCITED that I will be exploring life out of my comfort zone!! This is going to be a life changing experience and I can’t wait!

Although initially I was very nervous about this weekend because of not knowing many people and being in a new situation, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Considering I hadn’t met a majority of the team properly I felt so welcome (so thank you to you all) and I can’t wait to get to know everyone even more!

Since I arrived home on Sunday I haven’t stopped talking about the weekend to friends and family. Everyone who has visited my house has been shown the 5 rupees that I won. I love that new game =D although after, I had difficulty sleeping ha-ha! I am having withdrawal symptoms from the scrumptious, traditional South Indian food we ate over the weekend courtesy of the lovely Cathy =D I am thoroughly looking forward to introducing new foods to my palette!

Bizarrely, I have found myself thinking about the chart that was on the W.O.K every time I have visited the bathroom (I am blushing typing at this point). I haven’t managed to bring myself to actually check yet but the thought of the chart is in my head. The intention is there! By the time we go to India I should be able to check and talk about it openly. (As I get quite embarrassed at the moment)!!

I have spent most of today emailing and writing letters to various people to help with my fundraising. I have also been TRYING to convince my friends and family to abseil with me off an 80ft railway bridge over a river to tackle one of my newly found fears of heights. (Well I am not scared of heights but for some reason I seem to be scared of not having my feet on a secure surface and not being in control! I suppose a fear of the unknown really)!

I am still anxious about aspects of this new experience but that feeling is continually turning into excitement. I cannot wait to experience a new culture with new friends!

Thank you for reading my first blog =D

Ashleigh xx


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  1. Ashleigh Dolman says:

    Emma!! Can’t believe you have put the actual chart on from the W.O.K (how embarrassing)!! When you said you would post my blog for me and asked my permission to add a picture, I wasn’t quite expecting that picture!! Haha. Ashleigh xx

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