Yellagiri, Yellagiri, Yellagiri

Yellagiri, Yellagiri, Yellagiri

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So many times I have heard the word Yellagiri, seen pictures of the bus and the YMCA activity camp but nothing could have prepared me for this weekend; it was such a change to what I had acclimatized to in Chennai, the hills the cool breeze the whole area changed dramatically; the journey was so enticing just looking and the scenery and dancing with the boys singing along and watching a Tamil movie with the boys was a great experience, just to see them get so excited over an actor coming on screen but when we got to the camp it just got better and better.

The first day was really all introductions to what we were doing and what teams the boys were in and who would be leading the teams, it was a brilliant session, they created a banner for their team names which were lion tamers, strong men and acrobats these all linked to the  circus theme for the weekend in the session they also did masks lions, clowns e.c.t they my team was the acrobats and they were superb with designing their banner and their  masks really arty, but the best part of the day was getting to know the boys and the rest of the team helping us. The second day was very set out we all knew what we were doing and did all of the set activities but, there were many brilliant, stressful and fun moments across the day, one of the most fun moments was doing my first session with the boys, I was leading volleyball and we got the teams into circles and did pass the ball with the volleyball passes, then after that we moved onto the games, oh the games were brilliant once the boys started they didn’t want to stop it was great, it was like watching an actual aired TV match except for the boys having some arguments with each other on points as you do. The day went on and I have to pick one of my favourite bits of the Yellagiri days the food, the food was amazing there was mutton curry, chicken 65, there was loads of it, I couldn’t believe it, how much there was for six of us. the third day was the one day where so much was change the times for the activities, the times for food and tea breaks, this was all for the trip we were about to go on which was the parks and lights show in Yellagiri, I have to  say it was impressive, the first park we were in was a very quick stay we walked around the lake looking out for any animals, we then walked back to go to the park where random strangers wanted to have pictures with us and wanted to know all about why we were over here and why we were with the boys, what I names where it was so strange how kind and friendly they were. after that different experience we took a stroll back down towards the next park with the lights show, we spent just over an hour going round the park looking at the fish which mesmerizing some of them I had never seen before, the boys loved looking at the fish, we kept on walking and came to the playground where all the groups had met up and were spread out playing on the swings, climbing frames, we moved quickly onto the lights show which was great I knew two of the songs and the rest were all new which was awesome; however the best part of that day was the Camp fire, yes the real Camp Fire outside, we sat around the  bright burning camp fire ready to perform, we watched as the boys performed Tamil songs and dances the best part was them acting out the story of Jesus turning water into win brilliant. Then came the moment to performance our dance lady-O and lungi Dance, first were the girls doing lady-O awesome, they did a whole routine to the song and were great, then Joel and me came in putting our sunglasses on, lungi’s  at the ready and we started to warm up getting the boys rowdy and cheering, then in came the dancing we were amazing if I say so myself, then it was into bed ready for the last day.

Today Day 4

How can I explain day 4, well brilliant, upsetting, awesome, pleasant e.c.t. it can’t be explained in one word we got the boys up at 7 and climbed Bear rock which was a long way up and very tiring and very fun to climb, then on the way down well lets just say it wasn’t easy, a good challenge on ‘Chennai Challenge’ ah see what I did there  😉  😛 we came down and got our breakfast, went to do morning devotions, then went down to do circus races and then performed all the activities we did over the weekend like poi, juggling, diablo and gymnastics we added up all the points and put them towards the scores for each team; in finishing the circus activities we went for tea then did the last meet in the hall to do the last songs, the best boy award and the points total, My team of course won the best team ever 🙂 then it was time to say goodbye to the boys and go for our last yellagiri meal.

Now back at the hotel and I am exhausted, the next thing on the list is sleep, last thing is to type this up and looking back at it even though I have explained some of it I haven’t explained all of it, there is so much to explain, well I think I should say goodnight, my eye’s are closing so I’d better go.

Nathan 😀

Hi from Frances! Each day out of the four was extremely tiring, but so, so much fun. We split the boys into three teams and each day consisted of activities where they were competing against each other. Myself and Cathy had the group of the little boys who absolutely adorable! It was great getting to know them better and learning a little more about their characters. My favourite part of Yellagiri is mainly how much the boys enjoy themselves and are so thankful for all the things we prepare for them. It can be quite stressful at times, but the appreciation from all the boys always makes it worth it.

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