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It is always an experience going to India.
Actually it is quite often an experience just trying to get there, and we not due to go for another 4 and a bit weeks. I had thought that this year we had got the Visa application sorted. Everyone filled them in online, I helped them do it correctly, we printed them off and posted them off.
Only problem is that we still managed to do it wrong.
They don’t accept cheques. I suppose that these days that is not too shocking, a lot of places are only taking cash or cards these days. The thing that does puzzle me is that they do accept postal orders and bankers drafts as payments. What? I didn’t even know you could still get postal orders, and the idea of a bankers draft, I don’t even know how to get one. Well I did manage to pay by card so it all worked out in the end.

Hang on, 4 weeks until we go to India! Hooray, Hoorah!

A last push on fundraising for team members and before you know it we will be flying off.

I can’t wait. We will keep you updated.


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