Vanakkam from Joy & Joy!

Vanakkam from Joy & Joy!

August 3, 2014 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

After having dinner at the Doveton Cafe and spilling curry down ANOTHER SHIRT, I am blogging in a squashed up internet cafe with Tamsin, Mary and Sarah (who are on the other side of the room which is abit pants). We also have free wifi at the YMCA we’re staying at, but I felt that I needed to experience an internet cafe at least once. I have my blog post from yesterday to also post but there’s a few little things I wish to add, so that will be posted when I get back to the YMCA. I am extremely gutted that I have now got curry down another shirt, which I just so happen to like and is ALSO plain, meaning if I send them both to the laundry then they may return a completely different colour after being washed with other clothes. Even so, I think it may be worth the risk just to see what happens.

Our day began with Isaac’s Thought for the Day which involved making a giraffe out of only cellotape and newspaper. This was to help us understand our roles within the team and to see how well we work together. I would post a photo but yeah, internet cafe. The result was interesting to say the less.

The morning was then spent planning sessions for Kottivakkum, finding somewhere to print several photos and also getting lunch. Myself, Suzanne and Sarah ventured out to look for the place where the photos were printed, being told that it was near Blue Diamond, a restaurant that was a lengthy walk and happened to be quite far away. Nevertheless, we wandered out in the blistering heat at midday to get these photos developed, and by the time we got to the Blue Diamond we could not find the shop. After then finding it and noticing that IT WAS CLOSED, we then began the long walk back to the YMCA. I was not in a good state when we arrived back as I didn’t remember to take my water out with me and the streets had about 2% shade and it didn’t help much more when we got back to the air conditioned meeting room to find the rest of the team PLAYING CATCH and ASKING WHERE THEIR LUNCH WAS. One was not amused. In fact, none of us were. After a brief rest, we popped into the town and collected some lunch. My favourite moment of this trip (which was also incredibly hot) was visiting the fruit shop where the salesman, who was delightful, gave us many different fruits to try whilst we were buying our fruit ready for lunch. Even so, he didn’t seem to understand what “no papaya” means when he tried to put it on our receipt. Tamsin, Chloe and Steven were found just down the road GETTING THE PHOTOS DEVELOPED. Damn.

After lunch, it was time to go to Kottivakkum where we would meet the boys at Boys Town. We had a short trip down to the area where we were welcomed by the boys shouting YEMMA ISSAC ZOOZANE ROB MARY YEMMA ISSAC ZOOZANE MARY ROB (etc etc) from remembering them from the previous years. Here we then began our first session which involved going over our names (it doesn’t help that my hair covers my name on the back of my shirt), singing songs, playing games and then creating paper aeroplanes. We split into their cottage groups (A, B, C, D), made then decorated their paper aeroplanes and then raced them. We told them that there would be a prize for the plane that would fly the furthest and which one was decorated the best. Even so, all the boys got a sweet at the end of it. We then went outside to race the planes even more but we ended up playing endless games of thumb wars and “double double this this,” whilst Isaac and Rob were picking up the boys and swinging them around (in a nice way, of course). It was all incredibly fun but I really didn’t want to leave (even though we left at a great time as it began to rain heavily ten minutes afterwards). It’s a nice thought that we will be visiting them many more times before taking them all to Yellagiri for a holiday. It makes me feel slightly guilty not knowing the language of Tamil as they excitedly talk to you and sometimes it’s difficult to reply.

After leaving Kottivakkum, myself, Rob and Emma were supposed to attend a Prayer Meeting but for some reason we weren’t collected and we couldn’t find where the meeting would be. Instead, we went out for dinner with the rest of the team WHERE I SPILLED CURRY DOWN ME AGAIN. Unfortunately this restaurant didn’t have cutlery so I had to eat my curry with my right hand. *sigh*

India is wonderful and I am loving every moment of it. We have only been here two days but I know that the project will only get even better as it goes on. It’s great being able to get involved with a completely different culture and trying all the different foods and clothing; one is not missing England at all (Sorry Mom!)


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