They let me have a go!! Wooooo!!!!!!!

They let me have a go!! Wooooo!!!!!!!

August 11, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Oi Oiiiiiiii!!!!!!
Hello world. So, it’s my turn. This means alot of rambling and a bit of rubbish, but hopefully this will be outweighed by something vaguely informative. But don’t hold your breath.
Today started at 5.45 am as for the second day in a row I was awoken by Rob to go and play football with the boys from the Oasis programme. I was joined today by Shauni and Auntie Jackie after Vijay from Oasis decided that girls could do better than Fraser after his dismal and very sweaty showing the previous day! Only joking Frase!! After drills with the senior boys yesterday, today was the turn of the U-16s, being with the session being led by two of the older lads. The boys clearly love their football and being given the opportunity to learn and improve and have fun obviously means the world to them, it’s just a shame they have to do it barefoot on a pitch that is regularly covered in broken bottles after being used as a hangout by the city’s drinkers and drug users overnight. However some of the boys do have proper kit and boots after Oasis’s fundraising summer camp last year, and the masses of effort they and Vijay put in is paying off. They regularly excel when they enter local competetions and many of the boys hope to take it further in the future. During the game at the end of the session they certainly gave Shauni (defence) and I (goal hanging striker) the runaround while Jackie watched on. It is however only fair at this point that I mention, for the sake of honesty, the absolute screamer I scored. On the volley. From distance. Thank you, thank you.
After this, the day continued to be just as tiring as all the ladies went off to teach some tailoring and cross-stitch to some local women at the Oasis offices, which by all accounts went down a treat, as well as also being a chance for the girls to have a good natter, ‘cos that’s what ladies do, no matter what language they speak. In the afternoon it was time for the Oasis ‘Funstations’, two hour-long sessions of songs and games. The first, at a school known locally as ‘The Rowdy School’ went well despite the occasionally ‘rowdy’ behaviour the students went well enough, and the second at a nearby church went swimmingly too!
All in all another packed day, and we are looking forward to more tomorrow. Being rushed out the internet cafe now, so I apologise for the rushing at the end and for spelling mistakes, i hope you’ll forgive me, even if it is my fault for banging on about the football for so long!
Thanks for reading and do send us your comments, it’s lovely to hear back from you, if only so we know you are out there!
Much love, to all from all,

Alex W

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