The Sun has got his hat on

The Sun has got his hat on

March 24, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Yes he has.  The sun is shining quite enthusiastically here in London.  I ate my lunch outside today and it was more than bearable, it was positively gorgeous.  It feels like Spring.  In fact, it almost feels like Summer and I LOVE IT.    Apparently it is a mind shattering 16C here today.  16C!?  As if that is actually hot.  Still, it feels it.  Chennai on the other hand is currently experiencing  temperatures of 32C (although according to The Weather Channel it feels like 34C!).  Now that’s hot.

I like crisp cold weather and being wrapped up in a massive scarf, but if I’m honest I much MUCH prefer shorts, t-shirts and sun.  Today has reminded me of that.  Of course it makes me think of Chennai (I can find a link most of the time).  I absolutely love that thick, humid heat you get in India during August.  The sort of heat that surrounds you.  I know that for many people on the team the climate is a massive challenge, but I have always really enjoyed it.

Every year one of the first things we do is ask the team to identify things that they think they will find a challenge.  Common answers include Witnessing Poverty first hand; Flying; the Food; Cultural clashes and of course, the Climate!  I get it.  It’s a completely different environment, and we’re not used to it.  For some people it makes everything more tiring and more difficult.  Most of us don’t drink enough water <short pause as I go and fill my bottle with water> and we wander around our lives dehydrated.  If we did that in India then we feel the consequences much more harshly, and much more quickly.  So getting used to drinking enough water (we ususally recommend about 2 litres a day – although there is some debate about how much we should drink) can be difficult.

Yes, it means that we have to alter the way we work.  Give ourselves enough rest, enough water and often a slower pace, but I still simply love the heat of Chennai.  I can’t wait for that disorientating sensation of walking out of a freezing cold air conditioned restaurant into the baking hot Chennai evening.  Lots to do before we get that pleasure though.  Money to be raised, injections to be had, preparations to be made!  Here’s to the summer!


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