The Project gets going

The Project gets going

August 7, 2009 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

Dear all,

Many many apologies at our lateness in providing you with a first blog. It is our third day in Chennai, and all is well. The journey was extremely long, and mostly ended with us arrivin in Chennai feeling more tired than is healthy at 10am. We had some small time to settle in and then, after meeting Ebi (head of Madras YMCA), were taken to lunch at The Breeze Hotel (v.posh).

We recovered with a long and much needed sleep on Wednesday night, and on Thursday we had breakfast at Vepery YMCA (yes they provide breakfast for free now!), a team meeting, and rushed out to Tondiarapet (one of the community centres) to look at the state it was in – not very good. The plan this year is to develop the site to increase the size and security of the building, in order to allow more activities, functions and community support projects to run in this poor area. This is a project we have been looking at for some time, and finally Ebi has agreed and improved on our plans!

We then had an inside picnic before heading out to see the Boys Town at Kottivakkum. MUCH excitement, thumb wars and general silliness afoot. We also saw that the site of the workshops (which have been out of service for years) has been developed into a sports centre for the use of YMCA members. This means that employees of computer companies that are springing up in the local area will use these facilities and bring extra revenue to further the work of the YMCA with destitute boys!

There is obviously a lot to do, and we already feel as if we have been here for a long time, but all is well. Please stay in contact and send as may messages of encouragement as you have the will to muster up – they are all very much appreciated. Please also pray for us as we decide on how best to spend the money that you helped us to raise!

Well, that mammoth of a blog is the first of many this year. I hope that it is not too much, I still feel as if I’ve missed out lots!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. hevlove75 says:

    hi guys, glad you have all arrived saftely. Cathy i hope you have given the boys many many kisses. well its unusual but i have been praying for you all and everyone who is taking part in this project, we have got some fab ideas to raise money for next year ( we felt we should be doing something while you are there.) cant wait to tell you about them but for now I'm sending lots of love, thinking bout you all. you rock. cath i love you. gem.

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