The day after the storm

The day after the storm

August 8, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

It’s day 5 in India (obviously)!

Last night we had a lightning storm, by all accounts pretty impressive, a few managed to watch it by braving the stairs of death, however some of us slept through it!

It’s been a quiet here today. Started our day with the longest Thought For The Day by Jackie so far and plenty of talk about passages. A few spots of rain here and there. Plenty of very exciting Yelligri planning, only 8 days to go!

We braved the grapes for dinner, Auntie Jackie washed them for us so we should all be fine. You will be glad to know! Cheese sandwiches as well, braving the plastic cheese but actually quite nice.

Boy’s town this afternoon with a very packed programme. Plenty of singing and being silly, games didn’t exactly go to plan but its alright as Alex, Al, Isaac, Rob and Fraser were climbed/jumped on by 130 very excited boys! And they all still live to0 tell the tale.
Paper airplanes to end with and a competition to see whose went furthest, went pretty well besides a few cheating boys!

Dinner at the YMCA tonight, a massive banquet for us 12! Food was amazing even if Shauni couldn’t hack it!

Tomorrow we venture back out to the community centers.

About to face the walk home in the warm rain. Keep posted for more blogs.

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