Tarpaulin, drainpipe and wooden pieces of square!

Tarpaulin, drainpipe and wooden pieces of square!

August 7, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 3

So day 3 of Chennai Challenge

Barney in his blogging frenzies has already mentioned the food consumed by our team during this day  – I am glad he has got his priorities right!

Our day yesterday began with boys town session planning. The team was split up into mentor groups and given the task of planning 2 boys town sessions. My team were extremely efficient with this, producing two plans in half an hour with a list of who was doing what and the resources needed!

12pm – Meeting with the general secretary of the Madras YMCA.

Picture this, a large boardroom table with 11 team members sat on the edge of their seats (some looking pretty overwhelmed)  listening to the G.S. He gave us his welcome and told us that the YMCA was our home. We then introduced ourselves, however Cathy was told she needed no introduction!

This was  of course followed by FOOD!

Might I add here that I am finding the food very spicy this year – my mouth is on fire each meal time!!!! WHAT IS THIS?

2pm – In the afternoon we were split up into our mentor teams (Emma’s obviously being the best!) to go out and purchase resources for Yelligiri (the boys activity holiday). Sarah, as she was positioned next to Rob, got to choose her groups shopping list first. As I looked on, I saw her grabbed a list and immediately knew this wasn’t  good!  As Rob gave me the list (with a smirk!) I saw the heading, Hardware, closely followed by Tarpaulin, drainpipe and wooden pieces of square (otherwise known as square pieces of wood -Isaac!) My first though was ‘impossible’! However I was up for the challenge.

Myself, Nick, Ellie and Charlotte in just over an hour managed to obtain most of the list, including a 7ft drainpipe! This was hilarious to see, due to the fact we already draw a lot of attention from locals, however to see a 6ft white man walking down the road with a 7ft drainpipe was very surreal for us let alone the local Chennai residents! We did however struggle to purchase wood and tarpaulin! As I thought – IMPOSSIBLE!

The girls then finished the day with some girlie shopping -much to the excitement of Flo and the horror of Emma! The girls bought a variety of sari’s and chudidar’s including one for Emma and a green sari for …. yes that’s right Sarah!

Day 4

Nick began our day with a thought provoking question – what has changed your perspective? Our team began explaining the images and discussions that have changed their perspective on different things including how our experiences in India make us realise how we take things for granted back in the UK. Our challenge for you today is what has made you change your perspective?

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3 Responses

  1. Lynn Godden says:

    Its so good to keep up with your daily activities…keep blogging and posting guys. I am there….different perspective from here!!!! I can almost taste it, smell it, feel it. Tarpulin and wood square pieces thereof shopping…like it, hehehe!!!!
    Enjoy that food Em, its y-u-m-m-y!!!! Practice makes it more so….breakfast, dinner and tea….step away from the bread and Jam!
    Half an hour planning….neat! Go team!
    WIth much love,
    Lynn x

  2. Rob Short says:

    Emma is of course wrong about the food, I have had no problems with the spice at all. It is all great

  3. yemmakelly says:

    The food is far spicier than it has been in the last few years!!! But yes I am a wimp!!!

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