Subway, Sandals and choice

Subway, Sandals and choice

April 25, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 2
A SUBWAY Club 6" sandwich.

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Today is a bank holiday, and so I have no work. Due to external factors I no longer have to go to the beach with the in-laws either. Easter was yesterday so I have no church commitments. So I have that rare thing of being able to choose when I get up. This doesn’t happen very often to me so it is a bit of a treat. Of course I still ended up being up before 8am, but at least I had the choice.

Not that I always appreciate choice. The proof of this is Subway. I am sure many people enjoy getting a sandwich from this chain of stores, where as I do not. I have no problem with the quality of the product or the taste, all fine. I have a problem with the choice. I get stressed about it. At every stage there seems to be a choice, 6 inch or foot long? Which bread? What filling? Do you want it toasted? With cheese? Which cheese? What salad? What dressing? Do you want a meal? Do you want a drink? Do you want it large? Normally by this point I am having a nervous breakdown. I am sure that subway prides itself on its choice; I just can’t handle it, too much for me.

I do know that I like some choice, and sometimes choices have a very pleasant effect. O Friday I made 2 choices that made me happy. Choice one, I decided to wear my ¾ length trousers, choice two I wore sandals. The reasons that these made me happy need a little explaining. In the pocket of my ¾ lengths I found two 10 rupee notes. This reminded me of being in India, the good times I have spent with friends there and the massive love and affection I have been shown by people I have gone to help. That humbling experience when people show you outrageous hospitality in the midst of poverty, or the huge smile on someone’s face when you give a simple gift like a toothbrush. Those are good memories, and I liked being reminded of them.

My sandals also reminded me of India. Last August I only wore this same pair of sandals the whole time I was in India (I did change my ¾ lengths). They did get a wash now and then, but they just seemed to be the shoes to wear. I had other shoes with me, but they just sat in my room feeling left out. I had the choice available to me, if I wanted, to wear other shoes but choose not to.

This makes me think about all the other people I was coming in to contact with in Chennai. What choices did they have? Nothing like the amount of choice that I have. No where near enough choice to get stressed about buying a sandwich. I doubt they had the choice of shoes. Many people would be going around without shoes, or if in shoes might be in their only pair. Of course I should say donate to Chennai Challenge to help us to help people (and of course do, by clicking here) but I actually also want to tell you about Toms Shoes. I recently became aware of them and I like the sound of them a lot. When you buy a pair of shoes from them, they give a pair to someone else. Why not buy your next pair of shoes from them, now that is a choice that I think is worth making.


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  1. Joel Stone says:

    ah yeah Tom’s shoes was on Russell Howard’s Good News, looked like a good charity!

  2. […] be egg plants?). Toms Shoes impressed me so much that they have been mentioned in a blog before ! (you can read it here) A very simple idea of giving away a pair of shoes for every pair that they sell. Brilliant, go and […]

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