Shopping, Squashing and Falooda

Shopping, Squashing and Falooda

August 5, 2015 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Suzanne here checking on day 3. All busy, busy, busy as we continue to plough on with preparing for Yellegiri which is ‘literally in a minute’.

So to start the day we had usual breakfast at the YMCA, some of the team members feeling a little ropey – possibly from the change in diet. We then had team meeting with a thought for the day (TFTD) brought to us by Nathan. Then shopping for resources which consisted of the team splitting of in Saravana Stores, a large 9 floor store which gets so mental and busy. Myself and Cathy had the basement which is where the food is and it was BUSY! This was Cathy’s first time back since her last bad experience and it didn’t change her opinion. After a slightly successful shopping trip the team again split. Myself and Joel took autos to Spencer plaza – getting a good rate as well I might add, the other half of the team trying to find good old Goldmine to get the other resources. Sadly it has to be said that our favourite store which for years has supplied us with most of our needs has not only closed but the whole building has gone – sad times.

A quick and very satisfying lunch later and we are meeting with Matt and Becky from Oasis to hear their plan and ideas of how we can spend our time with them. Excitingly there are so many good ideas that the team are really looking forward to participating in. We have plans to attend football practice, english lessons, health education, social networking education with young people and the possibility of an afternoon tea fundraiser which excites me a lot!  Then we had the great squash of driving back to Vepery, all piled into Becky’s car!


I’m sure as you have read that though you have probably thought ‘that is a lot of things for 2 weeks’, well you would be right. We hope to attend it all but it does mean a lot of work for a small team and although we are excited we know this will take a lot of energy and effort.

Please support us in the next few weeks by reading these blogs and if you so wish please pray for lots of energy, good health and the skills and knowledge to give our all to all that is asked of us.

Lastly we all had an amazing Dinner at the amazing (my fave) Raj Bhavan restaurant. Lots of food was brought out and we all ended with lots of ice cream.Lots of attention given also to Cathy and her amazing Falooda.


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