Praise and fish

Praise and fish

August 29, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

We have had a manic few days, leaving us short on time, however now filled with food, we are back!

So where do we start…

…After our two days holiday we were straight back into the hard work. On the Sunday evening we had a ‘get to gether’ as the YMCA liked to call it! This was filled with a short programme where we were presented with shawls (Emma got a lovely bright PINK one, much to the amusement of the rest of the team!) Then it was time for fun and games (which actually lived up to its name.) First came ‘musical chairs’, Flo made an impression to say the least, by throwing herself around the room (in a Sari!) in an attempt to reach the chairs first!
Then it was time for ‘pass the pillow’ where the Garriock’s showed their competitive edge, throwing pillows at people rather than passing it. Cathy suggested ‘musical bumps’, which provided the YMCA board a great deal of laughter seeing mad English people throwing themselves to the floor! An unlikely candidate came from the nice, quiet Kate who from the onset was determined to become Bumps Queen! In the final was Kate and Bex having a veryyy long dance off in which Kate was victorious and no longer quiet!!! Then we had a little bite to eat!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Team A. 🙁 This sad event was made slightly better by our very own favourite person, Shauni, falling flat on her back in a puddle of water! This
would be a good time to mention that the real reason for our absence from the blogging scene was due to our being thrown into a depression by Miss Danby, even though she is in England now. She sent her love and greetings to the entire team…except us. We were actually made to leave the room when Rob passed on the greetings!!!!!

but enough about her…

The flooding at the boys town meant that some adjustments had to be made to our programme for this last week, so Isaac, Ross, Barney, Lynn and the awesome twosome joined together to form a SUPER TEAM! We began by visiting the community of Vyasapardy (sp?) and B.V colony with John who works for Oasis. Our first trip there was in no way also the first time one member had been on the back of a bike, and was in no way the scene of an act of generosity by a stranger on another bike offering lifts over a large puddle (small lake). Whilst there we went to see the school we would be doing some teaching in which is right next door to a gangsters house, but did we let this put us off? No indeed, we were back the next morning completely unfazed and ready to teach some english. Well, we were completely unfazed until told that we would be teaching THE ENTIRE school! But superteam can do anything and hopefully they now know more than they used to, or at least they don’t know any less than they used to (though it must be mentioned here that Emma was teaching so there are no guarantees).

Funstations- Health and hygeine and healthy eating at the school went down a treat, we even had some trying to sneak in and join the fun, though that may have been due to the gifts we were handing out rather than our amazing skills. At John’s church we ran sessions on praise and fish (calming the storm). It has been an amazing few days topped off by a visit to the church this morning to join in with their service. Brilliant!

Friday night we enjoyed some amazing fruity, nutty (and that’s just Emma) choclatey creamy goodness in a bowl at Prince’s house (the secretary for kottivakum branch). Emma came away with more than she bargauined for when Princes cutesy daughter refused to be handed back, so we kidnapped her (only for 20 minutes until she realised just how weird we all really are, then she was more than happy to wave good bye to us instead of her dad).


That’s all for now, we might just go and get something to eat now.
Rachey and Em.


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