Not long now….

Not long now….

August 12, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 6

All the fundraising, the training meetings, the preparation, and the excitement and now it comes to this… Chennai is literally round the corner and I have yet to write a blog :O

I should of done a blog post before now but I didn’t really have anything to say so I suppose its better late than never 😀 I suppose this is really just to test this out before I go to India 😀

Can’t wait to go to India and I’ll be blogging regally while out there 😀

James 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    I am looking forward to your regal blogs, are you King James now?

  2. Isaac Jones says:

    Thanks James for your first blog! Can’t wait to see you out here: Rob, Cathy and I will meet you at the airport in approximately 29hours.

  3. barneyblake says:

    Can’t wait to see all of you!

  4. diane coates says:

    Yes James dont forget to blog regally and often !!
    Cant wait to hear what you have all been doing ! xxx

  5. diane coates says:

    Praying for a safe and pleasant journey for all of team B xx

  6. Looking forward to some wit, from u James, you make us all laugh. Hope the food is ok and they dont try to serve you wasps!!! look after yourself Tracyann

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