News from the front

News from the front

August 5, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Anyway… India is going great Chennai Challenge 2011 is well up and running. The journey was as good as it could have been apart from a little turbulence on the way to Mumbai. We barely queued anywhere ( although Flo & I got stuck behind an annoying family in immigration :@ ) and we had no problems at any airport… because I didn’t bring a cucumber this year… long story.

Yesterday we got here and settled in and personally I am so far enjoying time with my roommate Nick and the rest of the team. We went to Doveton Cafe for dinner and it felt great to be back eating the brilliant food. This morning we went to Doveton again and I had a Vadai and also ate Ellie’s Poori because she did not feel like it… curry in the morning isn’t fun for newbies I remember from last year.

We met with Becky and Vijay from Oasis India for breakfast and we have a packed timetable including funstations at schools and community centres, helping with Blue Edge,  an English speaking project, and also the main thing I missed out on last year… Football! The YMCA coached team has a league match on Sunday which we are going to watch and it will be brilliant to see these poor lads from tough communities given a chance to play football just like anyone else.

Everyone on team will be blogging regularly and will keep you updated on our plans and what we are doing. Please keep praying for us and especially keep in your thoughts Ellie and Charlotte who are the only new members on team A and are trying their best to settle in to the culture. Just pray that they quickly become comfortable in their surroundings so that they can get down to working with the boys and all the other projects.

Thanks for reading 😀 Barney x


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