Nearing the end…

Nearing the end…

August 18, 2015 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

You can tell we are nearing the end of the project, when we are putting the finishing touches to the boys gift bags, leading our final session at boys town and being taken out to dinner by Madras YMCA Board of Trustees.  That was our day yesterday. 

We spent the morning, buying some more items for the boys gift packs and exchanging enough money to last us to the end of the project and settle up all of the bills.

After a quick lunch at Doveton Cafe, we then headed off to Kottivakkum School to pay a short visit.  We were invited into each class, from 1st Standard up to 12th Standard and in each we gave a short inspirational speech and got to say hello to all the staff and children.  The school there has around 1500 pupils all from the deprived area of Kottivakkam.  They provide a fantastic educational opportunity, but this is all about to change.  The headteacher and correspondant of the school were discussing their plans to open an English Medium stream for the start of the next academic year.  This would provide even greater opportunities to these children, giving them a better start into further education as all FE courses are taught in English.  

Following our visit to the school, we met with Edwin to settle bills.  This year we have raised the level of the floor in the hall at boys town.  This room is used not only as the indoor communal space, but it’s also a dining hall and study room and play room.  

We have also agreed to raise the level of the compound wall and pave the area around the toilet block at Fort School.  We are also hopeful that the building work for the new classrooms will start in January.  

We then did our final session at boys town before the meal on the last day.  Or session was short, but still had lots of singing and running around.  

In the evening we had been invited out to the Ramada Hotel where the Madras YMCA Board hosted us for dinner.  We were each honoured with a shawl and a bouquet of roses. Then after speeches, we shared a meal together.  We are so grateful for the support of Madras YMCA  and a good time was had by all.

If our day wasn’t busy or long enough, we then decided that a trip to the cinema would round our day off nicely.  Whilst waiting for the film, some of the girls and Joel got mehendi on their hands.  We then saw a Tamil film called Vaalu.  It was a very late finish and with the walk home, we didn’t get into bed until nearly 2am.

I shan’t tell you what we are up to today yet, I’ll let one of the team tell you later. Thanks for following all our adventures.

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