My first india blog :)

My first india blog :)

August 15, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

So i’m sat here, this being the first time I’ve ever been to India by the way, and it is flipping hot!!! I’m also sat here not knowing what to write to the many world wide people who are and will be reading this, the first thing i really want to say is thank you!! thank you for all the support you’ve given this years Chennai challenge team but also thank you for even taking the effort to read these blogs and thank you for your caring and praying for us 🙂 My name is Steve if your wondering and it is fantastic here, yesterday we got here at 4 am local time, 11:30pm GMT and it was brilliant, i was ‘well’ excited and really and honestly it has gone SO far above my expectations and excitement, i can safely say it is truly awesome and epicly epic here 🙂 after all the settling has now been done i can safely say i am no longer tired and well fed (the food is immense) and i love it here, today is independence day as the previous blog says but yes, that is enough from me, tomorrow we take the 150 or so boys up to the hills, yellagri, and i can’t wait for that, till our next update

bye from the chennai cahllenge team
thank you!! xxx


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