My first blog

My first blog

July 9, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 1

Hurrah, I’ve finally managed to get here! Charlie the technical wizard taught me well. Well, quickly.

We have just had our final meeting before we fly to India! I am looking foward so much to going back to India, that i am only dreading two things: Not being able to eat paneer (Cheese, love the cheese!), because I am pregnant.

Now, the being pregnant in India does not worry me, after all many indian women do it all the time. What does worry me is: How does one wear a sari when pregnant (although I’m sure someone will teach me).  How tired i will be, And how, how how will i cope without Paneer!?

However, I am really looking foward to seeing everyone, not just the boys, but the staff at the YMCA, and the head of Fort school!

Now all i have to do is start getting stuff together, sort travellers cheques and various other little things.

India is coming, I will be ready!!!


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  1. Isaac Jones says:

    Well done Sarah! How WILL you cope without paneer??!?? That totally hadn’t occured to me, but you’re right!

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