Minimum effort?…Kinda!

Minimum effort?…Kinda!

June 20, 2012 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Today starts my event which has actually been months in the making.

Now known throughout the gaming world as “The charity Deathmatch event” this event has been the hardest thing for me to organize as a fundraiser, but also seems to have been the most successful.

When I first thought of the idea for a 24 hour deathmatch marathon, Rob thought I was mental, that’s because Rob knows what deathmatch is, and what 24 hours of it would involve. Although he had health concerns about me playing for this long, Rob thought it was a good idea.

Asking around my gaming friends, they also thought it was a good idea, so the idea was set in motion, and the task of making this event known was presented.

I managed to contact a pro gamer hudzG who was 110% behind the idea, who also managed to get me an article on :

The article exploded. Since then I’ve had over 20 pro gamers ask to be involved, gaming companies giving me prizes to give away, E-Sports news coverage sites streaming my event for me, gaming websites asking for interviews (, a podcast in Denmark asking me to be their main guest, all asking me “What is Chennai Challenge and why are you raising for it?”

Something that started as a small idea with a few friends sponsoring me has exploded into the online gaming community coming together with the same cause, to raise money for charity, and have fun doing it.

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