“Meanwhile, Rob and Isaac…”

“Meanwhile, Rob and Isaac…”

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Howdy folks!

Look at this – two blogs in less than 24 hours – how exciting. Let’s fill you in on updates since then:

Yesterday morning was a fun morning of stock taking joy, and writing of project shopping lists for the Yelligiri holiday. Meanwhile, Rob and Isaac skipped off to Spencer Plaza to change project money, and enjoyed a leisurely fresh lime soda – mmmmmmmm. The rest of the team, however were going slightly mad, and then hysteria set in…

Yesterday afternoon saw us with a few hours of free time, and so a shopping trip ensued. The boys went with Nick to buy lunghi’s, and as for the girls, well they went sari shopping. OH MY DAYS – best not to ask how much they spent, but all bought at least one outfit, which they can’t wear yet, because they need to be tailored. Meanwhile, Rob and Isaac spent a leisurely afternoon reorganising the banking system for team banker Nick (this means not doing a lot, and generally lying around).

Last night we went to Ritz Restaurant at the Rivera Hotel (not as posh as it sounds!) and Nathan had his first Indian meal – hoorah – a Vindaloo. Meanwhile, Rob and Isaac enjoyed a leisurely evening out.

Question: Did Rob and Isaac do anything of worth yesterday?

Answers on a postcard (address: Vepery YMCA, 74 Ritherdon Rd, Chennai 600 007, India)

This morning, after breakfast we had our second trip to the Boys Town and for the first time since we arrived the sun was blazing. Mad dogs and englishmen as they say… We had only a short program, which had to be changed at the last minute – as many things in India do – so Emma taught them a new song, Sarah sang BINGO, and meanwhile, Rob and Isaac had a leisurely…actually hang on – we had nothing leisurely this morning, as Rob’s sweaty t-shirt testifies.

Our favourite quote of the morning was from Ollie, who said: “I have never sweated this much, even in a sauna.”

Teams are currently out doing project shopping (from the shopping list we made yesterday), and we will continue to update you as regularly as we can.

Thanks chaps!

Cathy and Isaac.

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