Me again! More ramblings largely about football.

Me again! More ramblings largely about football.

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So, yes, once again, tis I who is updating you, the lovely world about our goings on here in Chennai. This is clearly a response to the resounding success of my last post and nothing to do with the fact that currently Rob, Cathy and Isaac are all in bed as they are leaving the YMCA at 3am to go pick up Team B (!!!!) from the airport. Nope, nothing at all, definitely my excellence.
I notice that there was no post yesterday, so it falls to me to fill y’all in on two days worth of news. Yesterday, the big news concerned Isaac. In a weird twist of fate I can now reciprocate his earlier post and sadly inform you that he has been ill. After days of coughing like an 87 year old smoker, he fiiinally went to the doctor (Bernard Rajkumar’s daughter-in-law no less) who confirmed that he had an infected ulcer in the back of his throat and was duly prescribed some anti-biotics. He’s starting to feel better now, which is cause for a big yay i think you’ll agree…YAY!
So, with Cathy and Isaac at the doctor’s, it was left to the rest of us to tackle Boys’ Town for the day’s programme. After nearly leaving Flo behind at the hostel, the rest of it went well, despite the tug-o-war rope breaking down the middle on the first tug, and then the parachutes that we designed to be gently launched from the roof of the jubilee hall being filled with stones and aimed at Sarah! All in all though, a good day!
Today AGAIN began for me while it was still dark, as my alarm went off at 5.30 for football. Today I was joined by Isaac and Rob who watched on I was outclassed by the Oasis boys as I joined the team playing left wing against another local team – although I did hit the post and get an almighty gash on my leg for my troubles! We won 3-1 though, so it was all worth it!
Later on in the day, it was a day of errands as some braved an auto ride from a clueless nutter to go to Spencer Plaza and change some travellers cheques and grab some lunch, some spent hours in Gold Mine picking up the last few supplies for Yellagiri while others stayed back to make stuff! The funstations at ‘The Rowdy School’ and the same church went really well, with the rowdy boys and girls responding well to our superfun educational game of Maths Bingo, while the little ones at the church loved playing musical bumps.
I think this brings us nicely up to date, as I am sure none of you care about the fact that all the girls somehow found time for a shopping extravaganza on Vepery High Street, and came back with an unholy amount of Chudidhars and Saris. Impressive.
This is all, I’m off to sleep now as I’ve had a long and painful day and it all heats up tomorrow with the arrival of ten new faces! It’s also Independence Day Eve which means an evening of celebrations and a whole lotta food…I need some sleep!
Much love, we miss you all, even those of you we don’t know, we’re just like that.
Thanks for reading, ta-ta!!!

Alex slash Lexi
xx (Oh yes, two kisses. I feel we’ve reached that stage in our relationship)

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