Mary reporting for duty…

Mary reporting for duty…

October 29, 2013 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

I am currently making very good use of my time on the bus and getting started with my blog on the way home after my ambassador meeting numero uno with Emma.

We discussed the history of the charity and ‘reflected’ on the trip 2012, as well as discussing future plans of Chennai Challenge (it’s all go in CC HQ, very exciting!), and also what my present role is as an ambassador. I have been set targets:

1. Talk – not just generally (I have no problem with that!), but to do another talk/presentation at school to promote Chennai Challenge.  Since my assembly last year I have had a couple of people ask me how they can sign up – and if they’re reading this blog then hello to them!

2. Blog – so yes, you will be hearing more from me! Lucky people!

3. Raise some dosh – and as Emma is my mentor, I have somehow found myself signed up to do a SPRINT TRIATHLON!

This third target is certainly going to be the hardest work – I have been on a bike once in the last 10 years, my running schedule currently consists of dashing to catch the bus to school in a morning, and my love of swimming in primary school has somewhat gravitated to a mere bobbing about with a foam spaghetti on holiday.

All in all, although I would consider myself to be an active person, I doubt anyone would use the word “sporty” to describe me at all.

But I guess that’s what Chennai Challenge is all about – exploring life outside your comfort zone. You’ve gotta love a bit of “Yolo” every once in a while…

I am also very excited to be applying for next year’s project, and to keep more involved as, potentially, a project leader in the future.

So, if you’ve found yourself on this page while deliberating whether to sign up for Chennai Challenge 2014 – just go for it. And this could be you, in India in August. How exciting is that?! Except for I’m sure you won’t look quite as insane as I appear to be in this picture. But forget me, look at Anand and Valmuragan and Finnof and Vajay and all the other boys. It’ll be a summer holiday you won’t forget.

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P.S. Response to the idea of me signing up to a triathlon so far, from my family…

“That’s hilarious”

“Really?.. You haven’t!…. That’s amusing….”

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