Leap of Faith!

Leap of Faith!

April 18, 2011 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Well what can I say other than ‘I’M ALIVE!!’. Yesterday four of us took a ‘Leap of Faith’ 13000 ft out of an airplane and all of us managed to survive the ordeal…just! Here is how the day worked itself out:

5:30am – Time to wake up – lots of yawning!

6:30am – A car full of sleepy looking adults arrive at my house, and we’re off!!

7:30am – Hmmm where are we?! Then after some nifty and in places slightly illegal driving  by Rob we were there!

8:30am – Nom Nom Nom bacon and sausage sandwich paid for by someone else! Can this day get any better?!

9:00am – Uno! With some very strange rules that as the game developed gradually came out! (to be honest I think they made them up as they went along!)

9:30am – The briefing! Here we all learnt the correct positions for jumping and any other information we needed to know. (Suzanne listened particularly carefully to this bit, possibly due to the tall man explaining everything!)

11:30 am – My time to jump! Dawn had already been and said it was amazing so at this point I was very excited! I walked into the reception area and met the instructor I was going to be attached to, I then found out that actually he was very weird! (all this jumping out of the plane had made him go a bit crazy!) I then got my very fetching jump suit and harness on (VERY TIGHTLY!) and we were all set to go.

11:40am – It was time to get into the plane. 20 people had to fit in the back of this very small plane so as you can imagine it was very ‘snug’. As the plane took off the nerves started to kick in but whenever the camera came near me I tried to hide it as best I could!

11:55am – This was it. I had seen all of the others jump out leaving me and my instructor left. We sat on the edge of the plane 13000ft above the ground, my heart was thumping, then we jumped. It was the weirdest feeling i had ever felt in my life! In those 2 seconds i had forgotten all of the positions that i was meant to get into and was flailing and flapping my arms – much to the annoyance to the man strapped to my back. As we hurtled to ground at 130mph I was loving it! Then as soon as it had started the parachute deployed and we were slowed from 130 to 25mph in 5 seconds!

11:56 – Everything was calm! The rushing air had stopped as we floated gently towards the ground. I got to steer the parachute and so we flew wildly around the place for a few minutes.

12:00pm – Ground at last! A small feeling of relief and lots of adrenaline flowed through me. This had been one of the best experiences of my life and it makes it better knowing that all of the money that I have raised is going  to a brilliant cause!


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