Kottivakkum Cinema

Kottivakkum Cinema

August 29, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Hello England (and the rest of the world!)

An update of what we have been doing over the last couple of days.

Friday was the last time at Oasis programmes for this year (I hate it when we have to talk about lasts…). A small group of us went to tailoring (arranging our own auto to Aynavaram market I hasten to add) to finish our cross stitch projects we started a few days before. We decided that the girls should keep the project as something useful, so we made little needle pouches with the design stitched on the top. A couple of the girls managed to finish the whole project (but only because they had finished their cross stitch at home!), I however only just got my design finished, so didn’t get to make a needle pouch. (Which was a relief as I have no idea how to use a sewing machine…) But needless to say (do you get it?) the girls all had a great time.

We arrived back at Vepery for lunch to find that the others had been busy writing ‘Donated by Chennai Challenge’ in lots of story books for Boys Town and had finished all the shopping and preparations for the final activities. After lunch the others were off to Vysapadi to the school at BV Colony and then to the church for a fun station. In school they taught about the importance of hygiene and then gave out soap, toothbrush and paste to each person in the group. (Reports that others were trying to get into the group in order to get the soap give some indication as how well received they were.) It seems that consistency has made a real difference this year and the group have been able to make real relationships in the school and the church.
Those of us that were left had a few gifts and some prizes to buy and wrap for our final evening ‘Get to gether’.

An early dinner was taken at Doveton Cafe with a warning of ‘Don’t eat too much!’ as we had been invited to Prince’s house for desert. Even so three girls decided to go for the paper roast masala… We were then round to Prince’s for desert, fresh fruit salad, ice cream, wafers, chocolate, sauces…mmm…(om nom nom as Steve would say). As well as eating desert we met Sylvia (Prince’s wife) and his 15 month old daughter. She seemed very shy at first and kept hiding in my dupatta (scarf) but after we sang incy wincy spider to her she seemed to take a shine to us, well to Yemma more that anyone and as we were leaving she wanted to go with Yemma instead of staying with her parents, a little walk around the YMCA soon fixed this and she was happy to go back to her daddy.

Saturday was supposed to be a final day for buying gifts for all you lovely people, however this is India and things change at the drop of a hat. Instead we were invited to the inauguration of the new computer centre at Fort School. We were honored as Rob cut the ribbon and gave a small speech. Whilst CC has renovated the room all the computers had been donated by Bhumi International an organisation that uses professionals to teach underprivileged children at weekends. It was good to make contact with them and maybe we may have the opportunity to see what they are up to next year. We then had a much smaller amount of time buying gifts before we were off to Kottivakkum for a film experience.

When we arrived the hall had blankets up to the windows and sheets taped to the wall for a screen. Prince had organised a concessions stand which included grape juice, popcorn and candy floss. We watched a film called Chennai 600028 about cricket. The boys all had a great time watching the film, I however didn’t really watch the film as I was feeling a little sick (honestly had nothing to do with the first western lunch of the trip!). We finished by sharing biriyani with the boys. A good night was had by all.

Sorry for the longness (its a real word) of the blog.

Lots of love from Chennai


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