Just like a swan.

Just like a swan.

February 14, 2010 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

August is always the best month for Chennai Challenge. The team are out in Chennai, working hard, eating curry, doing good things in communities and having a good time. However, it is now February and in the UK it seems like Chennai is thousands of miles away (oh, yes), and the weather is definately not like India. This doesn’t mean that nothing is happening, in fact things are just as busy now as in August! The first team meeting happened in January, but in 2 parts, so the whole team hasn’t met yet. With 23 people on the team it is going to be a big year this year. The whole team are getting together next week for a weekend of training, fun and curry.
What are the team doing now? Fundraising all the way! Now everyone is trying to get money for the project so that we can do the things needed in Chennai. The leaders are preparing the training for the meetings.

So even though we are not in Chennai, loads of stuff is going on, just like the legs of a swan under the water, busy working away when you don’t even notice.


Oh, and if you do want to, go to www.justgiving.com/chennaichallenge to donate.

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