Jumping out of aeroplanes

Jumping out of aeroplanes

August 1, 2014 Old Blog Uncategorized 0

Alas, one finally has internet. I have been planning to write a new post just before I go to India for a while now, but that happens to be difficult when the wifi at home is broken and I have ran out of 3G. Darn.

ANYHOW. Here I am. The last few weeks have been extremely exciting and I am now finally at the airport waiting to board my flight to London, where we will then be boarding our flight to CHENNAI. It’s crazy how fast the last few months have flown by and the day is actually here when we’re all ready to leave. After months and months of fundraising and preparation, Chennai Challenge 2014 has finally begun. (#deep)

A week and a day ago I did my skydive (which was my main fundraiser for Chennai Challenge) and it was literally the best thing that I have ever done. I loved it so much that I’m planning on saving up for the Accelerated Free Fall course so I can jump again, but on my own next time. How intense. I raised a good amount of money from the jump and it was makes things even better with the fact that I enjoyed it, so thankyou to everyone who has sponsored me! 

The year has been absolutely brilliant and so many good things have happened. I can’t believe that I now have several things ticket off my bucket list (do a skydive, learn sign language, volunteer in India, etc) and all of this has happened within just under a year. I have now a raised a total amount of £1,911 for Chennai Challenge and I just want to make a final point of how grateful I am for everyone who has helped me raise THAG amount of money and to how many people have sponsored me. THANKYOU SO MUCH.

So from me, it’s goodbye for the next three weeks. I am now sitting with everyone else who’s playing UNO (I’m not being unsociable, I promise). 

Thankyou once again! Au revoir

Written by Frances, 2014 team member

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