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What follows is a news update from the amazing Mary Palmer on her continued efforts to raise awareness and funds for Chennai Challenge:

Well hello everybody, it’s been a while!

I’ve just got home from a windy day of jacket potatoes and face painting at the fun day/”party in the park” at the Monckton in Penkridge…. Suzanne, Emma and Auntie Jackie from team 2012 came to help out with my family and the Parlanes also helping to run the stall. We made £125.70, which is good considering the weather and lack of last year’s union jack hats!

Emma also challenged me to a Manchester United Badge, and I reckon I did a pretty good job!… (and by the way Emma and Suzanne – the ship represents Manchester’s trading history via the trading canal, and the devil is due to the team’s nickname from the 1960′s – “the red devils”)

However, when it came to painting my face, I was even luckier! Tia from Cubs had a turn with an orange sponge and a black paintbrush….

But I was glad to be an orange tiger again! I still have my “orange tiger team” flags and ribbons from Yellagiri on my windowsill… but that’s mainly due to me not tidying my room.

Anyway! Back to facepainting…

SO yeah, we had a great day AND raised some money for Chennai Challenge! Although I’d love to be going back to Chennai this summer, I guess it’ll be double fun going back next year and having such a such a big impact if there’s extra money made this year, for Sathymanagar Community Centre, for example.
Well, in the mean time – I’ve been busy revising, choreographing “We Will Rock You” in Wheaton Aston, oh AND we’re doing Joseph at school…I might have to ask Tia to paint me a moustache again as me and my friend are staring as the Butler and the baker, and the camel!

And finally: cheese then beans, not beans then cheese.

See you all on the 29th June – #first50

Mary x


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